Frequently Asked Questions


The adaptive assessment module of EliteLMS runs on predictive analysis through which learners get with questions based upon their previous answers. Optical Content Recognition (OCR) technology makes it easy to search for the meaning of words through image capturing.

e-learning industry standards

EliteLMS is compatible with latest e-learning industry standards and provides two different platforms to access the content, a Web Panel and a Mobile App.

Content Creation

Course Organization: Course Category → Course → Lessons → Contents(files) -Supports variety of content file types including audio, video and online resources -Sequence the lessons and content files.

Content Management

EliteLMS provides accessible content to learners and it can be used as embedded content creation tools that support multiple formats.

Blended Learning?

EliteLMS provides an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) platform to schedule virtual or classroom training. It also provides course assessment,user feedback and easy access to student progress.

Mobile based learning

- EliteLMS Android App for learning anywhere-anytime - Offline learning enabled by allowing content download and access it anytime - xAPI based approach enables users to access their courses on both Mobile app and Web app.

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